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Phat Bui was born in Saigon, Vietnam, in 1958, four years after his parents and six small children escaped the Communist North and seek refuge in South Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, once again the family now with 8 children had to uproot their lives to escape the communist regime in search of freedom.

Arriving in Minneapolis, Minnesota, empty handed in the summer of 1975. With the help of the Lutheran Church, they began to rebuild their lives, learning a new language, adjust to a new way of life in a whole new country. The warm welcome and kindness of church members strengthened his sense of compassion and charitable spirit. From personal experience he understands what it means to receive a helping hand in times of desperate needs.

These humble beginning taught him to appreciate the value of education and the will to work hard. In college, Phat juggled many odd jobs to make ends meet while pursuing a triple major in Mathematics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering. Those difficult times taught him humility and instilled a sense of community bond. He founded the Vietnamese Student Choir at the University of Minnesota that grew to sixty members after 3 years. His desire to take on an active role to advocate education for all and serve the underprivileged began here.

In 1984, Phat moved to Garden Grove. In 1996, Phat founded NetResult which provides software solutions to help government agencies and large corporations to better the quality and efficiency of their business in a paperless environment. Phat is well recognized in the Enterprise Content Management fields – one of his solutions was recognized as the Best Innovation Award at the Government Technology Conference 2000. His clientele includes California Department of Public Health, California Department of Corporations, California Department of Water Resources, CalPERS, County of Los Angeles, County of San Bernardino, Well Fargo, Nestle, SC Johnson, State Farms, Hasbro, International Papers, CenterPoint Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric, etc.

In 1993, Phat married his wife, Mai, and settled in Garden Grove. With the arrival of their son, Mach, in 1999, they decided to make Garden Grove a permanent place to call home. Mach attended Mitchell Elementary School and now, an 8th grader at Jordan Intermediate School. As a long-time resident of Garden Grove, Phat Bui has dedicated himself to make Garden Grove a better place for future generations and for Mach, their 12 year old son.

For 20 years, he’s worked tirelessly with many non-profit organizations such as VAALA, Red Cross, Little Saigon Foundation, Nhan Ai Foundation, Project the Forgotten Ones, to name a few, providing them with financial supports as well as his time and skills for many cultural and social projects for the betterment of the community.

As we are facing difficult economic times, we need progressive leadership with broad experience to revitalize the business districts; a sustainable revenue generating plan; and create a strong economic engine without compromising the environment, public safety, or quality of life. He is determined to promote better communication between the city and its citizens. This means progress and a better future for the city of Garden Grove, a place we all call home.

With his extensive business experiences combined with years of volunteering and community involvement, Phat has demonstrated his values and the ability to take charge of difficult situations. And with a great passion for this great city, Phat humbly asks for your VOTE.

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